• Your kitchen is nice and clean ?
  • You clean up after yourself ?
  • BUT you still have cockroaches ?
  • Do you want them gone, NOW ?

German Cockroaches 10-15mm in length, dark orange/brown in colourThey are only found internally amongst electrical appliances and warm environments. Cracks, crevices and kitchen door hinges supply great breeding areas for this species and they are usually found in large numbers. German Cockroaches are the WORST of them all as they breed a lot faster and are the hardest to control. 

Brown Banded Cockroach 13-14mm in length, gold/brown in colour.These are commonly mistaken as German Cockroaches but they are only found in low numbers (eg. 1 or 2) and usually fly in from the outside neighbouring trees.

American Cockroach 28-44mm in length. Dark orange in colour.Found in roof voids, drains and sewers and are the largest cockroach found in the Sydney Metropolitan area.

Australia Cockroach 30-35mm in length. Dark Brown/Black in colour.These cockroaches are more easily defined in colour as they have distinct yellow/white markings down the sides of the wings. Found in gardens and subfloor areas.

Smoky Brown Cockroach 30-35mm in length. Dark Brown/Black in colourFound in fences, stored timber and subfloor areas

Oriental Cockroach 20-24mm in length. Dark Brown in colour.
Found in basements, cellars, cool damp areas.

Pestige Solutions Pest Control is a company dedicated in solving pest problems from residential homes to large corporations. We can provide a professional service from the start to the finished product. Our team strives for excellence and won’t hold back in providing that excellent service you deserve. We are competitive in prices, are highly trained serviceman and women who are responsible in fixing and maintaining the pest levels within your living or workplace.

Residential – Cockroach pest control

Residential cockroaches- The large cockroaches are big and ugly and confine themselves to your roof voids and subfloors. They are also in your gardens, fence lines and your sheds. We service all our residential homes from top to bottom, inside and out. We pest control cockroaches out of your premises and keep them out for at least 9 months.

German cockroaches are the little cockroaches that breed internally only. These little creatures live and breed within your electrical appliances which include your base plate of your kettle, fridge motors, dishwasher panel, microwave and door hinges of your kitchen cupboards. German cockroach pest control is one of the hardest treatments pest controllers come across. Trust me, there is nothing on the shelves that you can buy to eliminate this little pest. Best thing to do is call us now…!

We will solve your pest problem in the least intrusive way possible leaving you with peace of mind that all your cockroach problems have been fixed.

Commercial – Cockroach pest management

Cockroach and German cockroach management programs are a necessity in the Commercial, Industrial and Corporate sectors. German cockroaches especially contaminate working areas, kitchens, food production areas and offices lunchrooms. Customers try and save money in treating the cockroach problems themselves but seldom do they succeed.

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