Frequently Asked Questions

Are the chemicals you use toxic? <

Do they harm children? <

Do your chemicals smell? <

How long does the chemical last? <

Do you have warranties? <

Does the rain affect a Pest Treatment? <

Do we work Saturdays? <

Do you charge additional fees? <

Why does it cost so much? <

Are we a multinational company? <

Are pets allowed to be around chemicals? <

Are my fish okay while treatment is carried out? <

Do I have to clean out my cupboards? <

How long before I can go back inside? <

What precautions do we take prior to pest treatments? <

Do we spray in the roof? <

Do we treat all areas of the home? <

Do ants eat Termites? <

If we have ants, do we not have Termites? <

Are Termites 'white ants'? <

Will Termites eat my home? <

Why do Termites eat one place but not the next? <

Where do Termites nest? <

Are borers the same as Termites? <

Are bees the same as wasps? <

What is the black dust on my skirting boards? <

What's the dust on my furniture? <

Why are my pavers uneven? <

Can cockroaches break my dishwasher or microwave? <

How do I get rid of my German Cockroaches? <

Am I dirty if I have German cockroaches? <

Can rats and mice chew through cabling? <

Do rodents eat cheese? <

Do I have maggots in my kitchen? <

Can spiders hurt you? <

What spiders are harmful? <

Can Huntsman spiders bite? <

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