Pest Inspections vs. Pest Control – What’s The Difference?

There can be a lot of different confusing terminology and jargon being thrown around when it comes to pest control. While you don’t need to understand it all, grasping the basics will help you get the service you need.

To clear some confusion, we have put together a guide to understanding one of the biggest misunderstandings. The difference between a pest inspection and pest control. Essentially, you can not have an effective pest control treatment without a comprehensive pest inspection.

But what do these terms even mean and how do you know if your pest solution provider is doing it right?


What exactly is a pest inspection?

A pest inspection is the examination of a home for the signs which indicate the presence of pests and rodents. It is more than looking behind the fridge to see if there is a cockroach or two. A pest inspection is a thorough examination of accessible areas of the house. Pest control experts, also known as exterminators, will look inside the house, around outside, at the foundations and through the yard. When access allows, they will also inspect the roof and under the house.

An extermination and pest professional are trained and equipped to identify the tiniest indications of pests.

You should request a pest inspection if you:

  • Notice animal droppings, inside or outside
  • Are having trouble eradicating ants
  • Are worried you may have termites – never leave this concern to fester, immediate action is essential
  • Are purchasing a property (this is a requirement for all Queensland mortgages)


What happens during an inspection?

Experienced professionals are looking for the signs of pests, rodents, spiders, ants or termites. Equipped with torches, headlamps, a camera, and a device to probe the property’s structural wood and foundation. Professionals can immediately recognise the difference in dirt mounds from wood-boring pest like termites compared to earthworms. Pest inspectors are also keeping an eye out for dry-rot.

A pest control inspector will be looking for tell-tale signs such as:

  • Animal droppings from rodents or bed bugs
  • Excavated wood inside and outside the house
  • Damaged furniture, gnawing marks or droppings
  • Damp patches in the ceiling indicating damage to, or nesting in, the pipes


How often should I get my home inspected?

No home is immune forever from pests. It is advised that you have annual inspections. This helps to not just prevent the appearance or rodents, but also to tackle any severe damage occurring.

The Pestige Solutions team can help you keep track of your treatments without friendly reminder service. One of our team representatives will give you a quick call when your 12months is nearing.


How does the inspection effect my pest control?

A pest inspection is a review of what problems exist, it determines what course treatment to take. A sub-par inspection will make even the most expensive chemicals null and void. You will be throwing money away if your pest inspection does not thoroughly inspect and accurately determine what pests exist, and to what extent.
If the pest inspection miss-identifies the pests, then you will spend money on a treatment solution that will never work. It won’t be much of a solution at all really. Likewise, if your exterminator underestimates the extent to which the pests have infected the property then you will lay our money for a treatment that will leave pests behind to procreate. Not to mention the time you loose vacating the home.

You will have to call in yet another exterminator to finish the job. Or worse, you assume the job was correct the first time, all whilst nasty pests breed and make the problem bigger than the before.

A comprehensive and accurate pest inspection is the backbone of successful pest control.


What is pest control?

Pest control is the solution part of the business. It is the application of pest-specific chemicals which are designed to eradicate invaders. Pests are defined as animals which pose a threat to the inhabitants of the house’s health, the ecology or both. Therefore, successful eradication is vital.

The pest control chemicals don’t just kill pests dead in their tracks, the good ones are designed to prolong or prevent their return

The chemicals the Pestige Solutions team use are of the highest efficacy and have an environmental conscious.

Pest control does not just end at a chemical cleanse. Pest control also seeks to remove any untreated, infected or damaged wood.

The Pestige Solution team work with you to minimise disruption to your life during all our treatments and solutions.

By using effective, low-toxic, eco-conscious chemicals we’ll have your home clear of pests and you back in your home faster.


DIY Vs. the experts?

At first glance, pest inspections can seem like a fairly simple process. Simply notice the presence of pests, right? Unfortunately, it just is not that simple. Most people can not tell the difference between acceptable dwellers and havoc-wreaking pests.
Pest control experts aren’t just trained to see the tell-tale signs. They also understand the lifecycle of rodents, cockroaches, termites, ants and spiders. They understand how they react to weather, and the seasons, where they hide and how exactly to find them.

Many of the pests you need to eradicate are not just damaging the property, they can be poisonous. The removal of spider and termite nests can be incredibly dangerous. It is essential you call in an expert for this. Moreover, in Queensland, all termite findings need to be reported. Let the experts take care of the guest work.


The Pestige Solutions difference

The Pestige Solutions team care for you home just as much as they care for their own. However, we don’t know the ins and outs of your home like you do. Working with you, the Pestige team will grasp a comprehensive understanding of your concerns and work with you to tackle them at your convenience.

We understand it can be a logistical hassle to vacate the premises for the time of the treatment, and for the hours afterwards. We are flexible, we even work on Saturdays, to help you find the best time to fit us in.

We don’t just come and go without a word, our expert team have a wealth of knowledge. We will help you understand where the pests came from, how they survive, and most importantly, how to prevent their return.

Using first-class eco-friendly effective products, we guarantee all of our work. We are also fully insured and have set up our employees with WorkCover.

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