• Do you have a wasp nests hanging from your window sill ?
  • Are there wasps regularly visiting the nest ?
  • Do you get allergic reactions to wasp or bee stings ?
  • Are they bees or are they wasps ?

Wasp nests are usually found on external walls, awnings and window sills. Wasps generally produce visual nests, ranging from the size of a 20cent piece to the size of a dinner plate.

Bees however build nests within the structure of a building, stump or tree trunk where the nest is not visible.

There is nothing you can do to prevent wasps from nesting at your place.

Paper wasps are found hanging off window sills, external walls and awnings which are usually on the north side of the building. Sometimes they are located within kids play equipment, frangipani trees, shrubs or bushes. Its places like these that people are attacked by the wasps as they are quite camouflaged and hard to see. They sting you if you are coming too close to their nesting area.

Keep right away from Paper Wasps and call a professional to eradicate them and remove the nest safely.

Mud wasps build their nests between the brick mortar or upon external walls or structures. By the time you find the nests the wasps have already left the area. If you are confident the wasps have gone then you can use a paint scraper to remove the nest and give the surface a good scrub afterwards.

European wasps have not been found in Sydney for many years. This is not to say they won’t be back, but most wasp nests are mistakenly identified and called European wasps.

European wasps are nasty and are very aggressive. Nests look like a silver soccer ball hanging off an axis either off a structure within a roof or an outside tree.

The nests can only be treated after daylight hours and only by a professional. They look exactly like a bee in size and shape but have bright yellow and black stripes on their back.

Bees are more orange and black in colour. 

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Do you have Wasps?

  • Eradicate Wasps - Wasp Removal & Pest Control Sydney – Pestige Solutions Just eradicate them as soon as you find them

  • Keep Wasps From Building - Wasp Removal & Pest Control Sydney – Pestige Solutions This will keep them from building multiple nests

  • Minimise Population - Wasp Removal & Pest Control Sydney – Pestige Solutions The population will be kept to a minimum

  • Wasps Eradication - Wasp Removal & Pest Control Sydney – Pestige Solutions Do not hose them, they must be eradicated professionally as they will only relocate to another spot and keep breeding

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