Rats and Mice

  • Are you hearing noises in your roof ?
  • Does it sound like little feet pitter-patter across your ceiling ?
  • Is there scratching or screeching noises ?
  • How long has it been since you last had a rodent treatment ?

It’s very hard to prevent your home or unit from a rat or mouse infestation.  They squeeze through the smallest of gaps and holes. Your home is not perfectly sealed to keep the vermin out.

Rats and mice enter into your homes for all types of reasons. It could be food or shelter, needless to say they are still not welcome.

Generally rodent treatments are tackled with non-toxic control methods before any baiting programs are introduced. Proofing is the first line of attack with the baits only used to eradicate what vermin you still have within your home or unit. Rat pest control methods are a little more in depth as they are the smarter of the two, but in mice pest control, they are not to be taken lightly as there may be more of them in numbers overall.

Call a professional pest control operator for Rats

  • We will inspect your property for entry holes
  • Block off any susceptible entry points
  • Bait all necessary areas to eradicate the pests from within your structure
  • We may also set up an ongoing rodent management program using external bait stations to maintain rodent problems in the future.
  • You will also get at least a 3mth warranty, so if you have any problems within the ‘free’ service period, we will come back at no extra charge.
  • Our professional service will also give you ‘Peace of mind’.

Inspect all accessible areas for entry points and rub marks.  Entry points are holes in the floors, walls and ceiling areas. There can also be gaps under main exit doors, between cupboards, under dishwashers and fridges.

Rub marks are black oily smears, usually found around holes, doorways, shelving and along main runways. These marks are caused when multiple rodents are using these runways as common access points. Rodent Control Sydney

Each hole or gap needs to be blocked with preferably metal strips so they cannot be gnawed through in the future. If they are small holes which can’t be blocked then use industrial strength steel wool. Found in most Bunnings or hardware stores.

Bait roof void and subfloor areas which cannot be accessed by animals or children. Rodents usually take their time in eating the bait so give it at least a week for it to take effect.

If you start to get a bad smell then you have succeeded in eradicating a rodent. You may try and find it but they are sometimes very hard to locate. If that is the case, aerate rooms in close proximity to the smell and wait till you get past the next stage of decomposing, which is the ‘docile flies’. Flies maggots, feed on the decomposing body and are found flying around internal rooms once are flies fully grown. When you find these large blow flies you can just about swat them with your hands they are that slow. Spray these flies with some fly spray until the numbers start to cease.

You have now successfully carried out a pest control rat or mouse treatment at your premises. If you have any further problems or further enquiries, don’t hesitate to call us.

Commercial Rodent Management-Sydney

  • Is your stock being damaged by rats and mice ?
  • Is your business being contaminated ?
  • Are you finding holes in your products ?
  • Have you got a rodent management plan integrated into you regular pest control service ?
  • No? Well I think it’s about time you do!

Rats and mice contaminate, defecate, destroy and damage commercial factories, offices, restaurants, food production and building management facilities. They gnaw through cabling, phone lines, gyprock walls, timber, ceilings, stored goods and packaging. They contaminate surfaces and products with their urine and faeces wherever they walk or run. They cause millions of dollars in damage and product loss in businesses all over the world.

  • You need someone who can take control of your rat or mice problem.
  • Are you willing to invest in a plan which will save you money in the long run?
  • Concentrate on your own business, let us worry about fixing any pest or vermin problems you have.
  • When was the last time you revised your last service contract?
  • Are you happy with the service you are getting?

Pestige Solutions offers the following benefits:

  • HACCP compliant and documented
  • O.H.S.E management plans
  • Safety work method statements
  • Licensed, Insured and qualified Technicians.
  • Punctual, tidy and well mannered.

Rats and Mice – Rodent Control Sydney

The three major pest species of rodents are the Norway Rat, The Roof Rat and the House Mouse.  Rodents are responsible for the loss and contamination of feed from the crop stage to the production and to the storage in both domestic and commercial premises.

As climate conditions become less favourable during the onset of winter months, rodents move indoors looking for both shelter and food, however, in commercial premises rodents can be a problem all year round.

Rodents actively look for food at night.  Their diet includes food material of both animal and plant material and apart from mice, access to water is necessary.

As rodents are nocturnal their activity is seldom observed during daylight hours, so it is important to recognise signs of their presence.

Signs of rodents:-

  • If nesting in roof space, look for holes through your insulation;
  • Ceiling fibres bundled up, nest;
  • Burrows;
  • Runways (Dirty smears round entry/exit holes);
  • Droppings – they deposit their droppings everywhere that they travel, they are unable to control this action;
  • Stains from urination;
  • The fruit in your fruit bowl has bite marks in them;
  • Loss of stock in your pantry or production area.

Rats and Mice - Rat & Mice Control – Exterminator Sydney – Pestige Solutions

Can you fix the problem?

  • Find Rat & Mice Control – Exterminator Sydney – Pestige Solutions Find entry/exit holes and gaps.
  • Proof - Rat & Mice Control – Exterminator Sydney – Pestige Solutions Proof as best as you can.
  • Bait - Rat & Mice Control – Exterminator Sydney – Pestige Solutions Bait accordingly.
  • Call us - Rat & Mice Control – Exterminator Sydney – Pestige Solutions Call us if problems persist.

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